The best app for shared lists

The good folks over at The Sweet Setup have written up a nice review of apps to share lists with other people. I've used their top pick, Wunderlist, before but never stuck with it. Maybe I'll give it another shot.

My wife and I currently use Apple's Reminders app for grocery lists, simply because we didn't take the time to install any other options. The iCloud syncing is painfully slow, and for some reason a ridiculous notification sometimes shows up in Calendar saying that she changed 200+ items. Hardly ideal, but being the default app counts for a lot. The Sweet Setup ranks Reminders second behind Wunderlist.

The right way to build

Should LEGO stop selling sets with instructions? Should it eliminate specialized pieces? Wouldn't LEGO be better if it went back to the way it used to be, simply blocks in 4 colors?

This is the topic covered by David Alexander Smith in yet another excellent post. Of course, LEGO has used instructions and specialized pieces for at least 50 years. 1964 is listed on LEGO's website as the first year that sets came with instructions. I think it's safe to say that anyone under 50 who remembers LEGO as just a pile of blocks isn't being totally honest. And what's wrong with building from instructions anyway? Maybe some kids like racing cars or staging battles better than building. It's also laughable that some people think increasing the variety of pieces would limit creativity, rather than stimulate it. I bet the same people think LEGO used to be cheaper too.

5,200 Days in Space

Here's a compelling piece at the Atlantic about the daily routines and missions of the International Space Station. Amazing how often we take it for granted or forget it completely.

Currently, about 40 percent of the station’s commercial-research capacity is unused—in part, perhaps, because some companies don’t know it’s available; in part because others aren’t sure how zero-G research would be worthwhile.

. . . As the station runs now, with a crew of three on the U.S. side, almost two-thirds of the work done by each astronaut each day is devoted merely to maintaining the station, handling logistics, and staying healthy.

– Via Daring Fireball

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