legomac 2.0

Welcome to the new, updated legomac website! Thanks to the magic of Squarespace 6, even a total neophyte like me can make a pretty decent site with minimal effort. I kept the look and feel from the Wordpress version, tweaking a few things here and there which I never could change before. A few things still need to be resolved since version 6 of Squarespace is so new (I'm having trouble with Categories in particular), but I'm already much happier with the design than I ever was before. Since one of the issues prevents me from making an easy way to follow the site, I'm leaving the Wordpress site intact for now and keeping it up-to-date. Once I get everything sorted out, will redirect here. Hope you like it!

Evan Brus and hold no copyright over the LEGO or Mac brands, and are not affiliated with the LEGO Group or Apple.